What About Daisy - The Book!

What about Daisy? creator, Maryam Faresh, is a children's book author and pet & people psychic also known as The Mutt Medium. Maryam has inspired thousands through psychic communication and with Daisy's story and message that "everyone deserves to be loved and accepted."

Maryam, along with her partner Bruce Meade, rescued Daisy when she was three months old. Daisy was born both blind & deaf. With no previous experience at training a dog born deafblind and with very few resources available on the subject, Maryam had only the power of her intuition to guide them. They worked for months trying to gain Daisy’s trust and love.  After one particularly discouraging and exhausting session with Daisy, Maryam had a very vivid dream. The next morning she woke up and quickly began to write it down. Two hours later her first children's book, What about Daisy? was born.

It was at that moment Maryam realized that Daisy had opened up her heart in a most unexpected way.  Maryam had been so caught up in Daisy's struggle that she had almost missed the gift right in front of her: the gift of Daisy, just as she was.  Daisy hadn't just changed their lives, she had changed their destiny.

Since writing the first What about Daisy? book, Maryam has written a second children's book, Road to Rescue Ranch, a prequel to What about Daisy?; and, "Daisy" the true story of life with Daisy, foreword written by Cesar Millan.

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What about Daisy? webisodes

Daisy & Olivia Met Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, August 25th on Nat Geo Wild-Please check Nat Geo Wild's website for next air date.

2010 WAG Award Winner for Most Inspirational Dog