Amazing Mila!

On Tuesday evening, April 13, 2010, in a suburb of Belgrade, Serbia, a young dog was found lying under a car. It is assumed that the unfortunate dog, who had tried to crawl to find food and water and maybe a place to hide, had all four legs chopped off with an axe! :-((( When she was found, Mila was underweight, dehydrated, was suffering from pneumonia, and had suffered a heart attack. She was named Mila, which means darling, by her rescuers, who rushed her to the vet. Mila was adopted by the Carnic family who live in a suburb near Belgrade, Serbia, on January 5, 2011, which is Christmas Eve on the Orthodox Religion. Mila lives with Mr. and Mrs. Carnic and their teenage son and daughter, two other dogs, and a cat. Mr. Carnic is a retired professional photographer and stays home with Mila while the wife works and the children go to school. They all love Mila very much!/group.php?gid=109699242400985&v=info