Maryam Faresh
Medium, Animal Communicator & Author

Maryam is a medium to both pets and people, who is on a mission to give her special needs rescue animals the life they deserve. Maryam has long been an animal advocate but rescuing Daisy, her dog born deafblind, and Louie their three legged cat, was her true test. Both Louie and Daisy were her inspiration for multiple children's books created to support special needs organizations for both animals and children.

The first book in her inspirational children's book series is What about Daisy? Daisy, a rescue dog born deafblind is on the search for her forever home. Followed by, Road to Rescue Ranch, the prequel to What about Daisy? and, Happiness is...Daisy, and her friend Savannah also deafblind, share some of their favorite moments, reminding us of the simple, everyday experiences that can make any day special. 

Cesar Millan wrote the foreword to her memoir, "Daisy" and shared Daisy's story in his Live Tour. Cesar said this about Daisy, "I really really love Daisy as a teacher, that's a dog that teaches you about the nose of a dog." After a two year book tour with Daisy and her seeing eye dog Olivia, fans began emailing Maryam asking for advice. They would say, "If it works for Daisy or Louie than it's got to work for my pet." 

In addition, Maryam is gifted with psychic ability. Since the age of 16 she has been helping people, pets and pet parents. Maryam turned to her psychic ability after rescuing Daisy at only 3 months old. Nobody was able to help, not vets or trainers. Its not that they didn't want to they didn't know how. So Maryam combined research with her intuition to determine what was best needed for both Louie and Daisy so they could have the life all animals deserve.

Maryam's most recent work was for GOOP , highlighted "2018's best pet psychic and medium. As well as working with celebrity trainer Cora Wittekind as they work as a team combining Maryam's psychic ability and Cora's extensive dog training experience to assist with some of the most difficult animals yet. And the work closest to her heart, is her position as a board member for One Planet Rescue.  

Special needs pet parent and advocate, a profound love and respect for animal life, and a born psychic, have made Maryam a trusted and sought after animal communicator and medium.