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Care2.com-Blind & Deaf Pup

Among the latest heroes to join in The Great Animal Rescue Chase is Maryam Faresh, who saved a blind & deaf pup named Daisy who was living in darkness, silence and fear.   After years of special care and help from the family dog Olivia, Daisy is now joyful and playful.   And when she sits in her mom’s lap today, she need not wonder, “Is that you Mom?”  She simply knows the touch, the smell and the energy of love that comes from the woman who saved her.  Enjoy this precious story!

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Vegbooks Review by Carolyn M. Mullin

Like many Vegbooks readers, Maryan Faresh is a caring and compassionate individual; she’s a children’s advocate and an animal advocate, and the niche she’s carved out for herself in kid lit melds these two areas of concerns and the special needs they may be living with... Read on http://vegbooks.org/?p=5505


4 The Love of Animals

While shopping for pet food in 2008, Maryam Faresh and her partner Bruce Meade saw a sign hanging on the wall with a picture of a white puppy with spots and strange looking eyes. The sign read, “Blind and deaf puppy needs home.” Bruce looked at Maryam and without a word, called the number on the sign.

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What About Daisy?





Mamapedia Voices

Maryam Faresh and Bruce Meade have five rescue animals, three cats and two dogs. Two of their five, Daisy and Louie, are special needs pets. They have always rescued animals and appreciated them, but Daisy and Louie have opened their eyes and hearts to a whole new way of rescue...



Adoptapet.com supports Daisy

Daisy was born blind and deaf and was passed around through many homes before finding her happy forever home. Because of the instability and her special needs, Daisy didn’t know how to be a dog when she came to Maryam and Bruce her knew owners.....



Pet Blogs United

What about Daisy? Book Review & Giveaway!



All Things Dog Blog

A Dog Story for the child in all of us: What about Daisy?



Healthy Pet Digest

I am very pleased and honored to introduce you to a Very Special Family headed by a dog named Daisy..



Woofs ‘n Wags Magazine

What about Daisy? is a book for kids of all ages with a message that is important to all of us....

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